🛠 Getting excited and making things, three decades and counting.

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⏳ @DynamicWebPaige: BUILDING…

🗣 Notable recent conference talks:

The first is an end-to-end machine learning case study: building a model, containerizing it, and then deploying it with Azure Model Management + calling it as a REST API. The second is an exploration of the mathematics required to implement a neural network. The final example is two quick demos for Build 2018 - one on Azure Cognitive Search, one on Azure DataBricks.

📊 Digital Signal Processing with R

Examples were generated in RMarkdown. The textbook are figures and code to support an open-source DSP textbook from Richard Baraniuk; the other are examples for an R package.

👩‍🏫 Coursework for the Coursera study group I led at Chevron.

I was also selected to serve as a mentor for the Chevron Data Science Development Program - an elite group of prospective data scientists, mostly coming from the internal research group. Almost all of my pupils had PhDs - which was a tad bit surreal, but very fun!

In-progress examples of R code to supplement open-source statistics textbooks.

Four this year: two on DevOps for Data Science, one on Machine Learning at Scale, and an Introduction to Tensorflow with Keras.

💾 GitHub contributions

Mostly documentation, especially Azure documentation - but you’ll also see ethical modeling guidelines, a few NASA Space Math examples, and machine learning code snippets for VS Code. Have also added minor changes to docs for Magenta, TensorBoard, TensorFlow, and Keras.

Proxy Bias Vignette with R

Created during the rOpenSci Unconference; was invited to attend by the good folks at numFOCUS. It was a heck of a lot of fun!

🚛 DeepParking: Microsoft One Week Hackathon 2018

A mobile application that directs Microsoft employees to the closest vacant parking spot in Building 43, based on vehicle type. Uses YOLO to detect cars parked in spaces.

🐤 Some examples of Twitter rants:

I, uh, also resuscitate Apple IIs and had a small LLC for wearable electronics for a bit ( 😊